Waterslide Hosta - First Spring - May 2021

Last Fall, I bought my first ruffled hosta - a Waterslide Hosta - from the Morton Arboretum Fall Plant Sale.  At that time, I hadn't really come across ruffled hostas, but was struck by this one.  Unfortunately, I made a very common gardening mistake; I bought just one of them.

I planted it in the canopy of the Japanese Kanzan Flowering Cherry tree and the green foliage lasted a few weeks before going into dormancy for Winter.  This Spring, this Waterslide Hosta has come back and is quite healthy and full. 

This growing season, I've had my eyes on finding a few more of this cultivar, but so far no such luck.  The Morton Arboretum Spring Plant Sale was sold out.  And I haven't seen them at various growing centers.  There are LOTS of Whee hostas (which are VERY similar, but not quite the same) at Home Depot, but so far, I've resisted buying those.  I'd like to add a few more of these to a drift or ruffled hosta colony.

In terms of hosta cultivars, here's what I think I have planted on site:

1. Lots of Lancifolia fountain-type green hostas.
2. Just one Praying Hands hosta.
3.  Some Frances Williams bareroot hostas that I planted this season.
4.  Bressingham Blue Hostas that I planted over a couple of seasons.  Bareroot, too. 
5.  A few Guacamole Hostas - planted in two spots in 2020.
7.  A smattering of Ventricosa hostas that I inherited. 
8.  One Empress Wu giant hosta planted in the front yard. 
9.  A bunch of these Variegated hostas that I inherited.  Pretty sure they are Undulata Albomarginata.
11.  One Fantabulous Hosta (that I'm not sure is still around.  But, including it her on the list).
12 and 13.  Some unidentified hostas underneath the hornbeams.  Two different varieties.  Also have parked some others in the way back of the property.


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