A Couple of Backyard Trees - Catalpa and Dawn Redwood - June 2021

Posting a couple of photos of two trees in our yard that I took earlier this month.  First, we have two Catalpa trees in our yard.  Starting around June 8th and running through the middle of the month, both of our Catalpa trees were in bloom with lovely white blooms.  I inherited both of these, so filing these under [inherited tree] like I did with the Oaks and River Birch clump.   Here, below, is Catalpa tree that is closer to our house in bloom.  It is a really nice tree that I never looked at very closely.  It is tucked in behind the large Northern Red Oak tree and in front of one of our large Walnuts.  

You can see the blooms scattered on the ground under the tree in the photo above.

The other tree that I wanted to share was the Dawn Redwood tree below.  It was VERY slow to break bud but by late April, it started to come alive.  With the drought we've had all Spring, it seemed to my naked eye like this tree hasn't filled out as much as it has in previous years.  But, now that I look at the photo below, it feels a lot like what the tree looked like (needle-wise) to last year.  So, I think we're in a good spot with this deciduous conifer.  

I've planted a bunch of new stuff on the border of the bed where this Dawn Redwood is planted, so I've been watering this area pretty regularly all season. 


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