Dawn Redwood - Fall Show - October 2020

Our Dawn Redwood is my favorite tree in our yard.  It is easy to miss or forget due to it being tucked away in the back of our yard and is still pretty small.  This is the replacement tree and I planted this version of the tree in the Summer of 2018 and this version of the tree has done well over the past three growing seasons.  It survived in 2018.  In 2019, it shot way up.  Like 3' of new growth.

The tree is putting on a nice fall show with orange needles.  You can see it in the photo above.  Our yard is mostly yellows and greens and browns come Fall.  But this Dawn Redwood is a lovely orange. 

The last time I checked in with this tree was in September when it was throwing off some new, lush growth after weathering the heat of the Summer.  

However, I'm a little uneasy on this tree as the orange is a little different than last year - which I know was a positive Fall season because the tree came back this Spring.

It wasn't until November - about a month later than today - when the tree was showing Fall color - and even had some green it still by mid-November.  

In 2018, it was similarly mid-November when the tree was looking like it is today. So, let's call it 20ish days earlier than 2018 and 2019 for the Dawn Redwood 'Fall Show'.  


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