Disneyland Roses in Bloom - June 2022

The blooming of our floribunda roses (Disneyland Roses) has begun for the season with their first flush of pinkish-orangish blooms on all three plants that are in our sideyard.  These are in full sun, but have mostly been watered naturally (not irrigated) and have thrived in their current location.

The last time I posted about these was when I applied a granular fertilizer in mid-May.  (note to self: it is time to apply again.)

Below is a photo of the rear-most two Disneyland Roses with a pair of pre-espalier Sugar Tyme Crabapple trees planted between them.  

And, here's the other one - located closer to the front porch - below.  I'm also including one of the divided Karl Foerster Feather Reed Grasses that I put over here last Fall in the photo (on the right).  This one is the largest one side-to-side. 

Here's what they looked like last June.  

If history is any guide, these will have multiple flushes of blooms all the way through the growing season.  Here's the blooms in late September 2021.  

These could use some additional companion plants - and I talked about using Nepeta - back here last year.  Also, some alliums work here, so I'll keep my eyes out for sales on both Nepeta and Allium for this sideyard garden.


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