Two-Lined Chestnut Borer Oak Tree Application - October 2022

As I've posted about numerous times over the years, we have a couple of mature Oak trees in our backyard that we've worked at keeping alive - and happy - through treatments and fertilizer.  This is the third season that we've had a Two-Lined Chestnut application applied to them in the Fall as a preventive measure against a (potentially) invasive border.

Here, below, is the Davey truck when it arrived to treat our Oaks:

Here, below, is the paperwork from Davey:

Here's a post from the City of Lake Forest up on the North Shore that talks about why they recommend treatment.  Knowing that one of our oaks has been troubled, it was recommended that we treat it to inoculate the tree against an infestation.   I have NO idea if this stuff works, but I think I'll keep applying it in the coming years. 


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