Fertilizing Oak Trees in Backyard - October 2020

The second step in our process with the arborist from Davey is feeding the trees.  We started with applying growth regulator to the two most vulnerable trees (Norway Maple in Front and Red Oak in back) in late September.   Recently the guys came back out for step two:  applying fertilizer.

In Davey's case, it is called Arbor Green Pro - a one year application that they fed to both large Oaks in back and the Maple up front. 

Here's the Davey team applying the fert - around the area of the tree canopy.  It was raining, but he still went ahead with injecting it right into the ground. 

What is Arbor Green Pro?  From their site:  

Arbor Green Pro by Davey

The description says that it can last 'up to 2 years'.  But, what the guy told me was: every year.

We have one more application to just the Oaks before Winter that I'll post about when it occurs. 


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