Bar Pizza Undercarriage - Via Slowrise Class

Over the weekend, I took the Bar Pizza Class from Slowrise Pizza featuring Adam Kuban and learned a bunch of things.  I also cooked eight pizzas over the previous 72 hours.   And, I think I've gotten a little bit better with each of those eight.  Here's a look at the undercarriage of one of the slices that I housed shortly after it came out of the oven.  Really lovely pizza chassis that I can work to modify going forward to make my own.

It was light, crisp, flakey and super thin.

Of the eight pizzas (not pies), two of them can be classified as "stunt pizzas" - a term that I learned during the class.  One of them based on Adam Kuban's Margot's pizza menu and one of my own creations. 

I think that they'll be offering more/other classes or making the class that I took 'on demand', so I don't think it is appropriate to disclose anything else from the class here online other than a few notes (below).  But, I will tell you that Bar Pizza is going to be where I'm spending my time in the near term in my home oven.

My personal notes:

  • Our oven only goes up to 500.  So, I set it at 500, turned on convect and it seemed to hold *right at* 500 degrees.
  • I tried going thru the dough process with the EXACT instructions, timing and steps.  And the dough was PERFECT.  And, I tried doing it a different way - due to a change in the timing - and the dough was a little more difficult to work with, but the results were just as good.
  • I have difficulty with restraint.  When it comes to dressing pizzas.  
  • I can't tell (yet) about the tomatoes.  I think they're good, but can't tell yet.
  • My cutter pans worked just as good as the new deep dish stacking pan
  • Pre-shredding the parm is a no-go.  Also, use a finer grater.
  • My basil went bad, so Nat threw it out.  It was missed.
  • The stunt pizza(s) are worth trying again.  
  • I am going to start considering the temperature of my flour - pre mixing - from now on.


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