Deep Dish Stacking Pan Added - February 2021

Ahead of the virtual Bar Pizza class I am taking today, I added a new pan to my pizza making gear at home.  It is another pan from Lloyd's Pans out of Washington State.   I've been very happy with my Lloyd's pans over the years including the long, narrow ones that I bought last year during quarantine and the cutter pans that I've been using for years.  

For the Bar Pizza Class, the instructions provided by the instructor (Online Pizza OG Adam Kuban) recommended a specific pan, but provided for a couple of alternatives including a cheap one from Target and using cutter pans that I have on hand.  I figured that I should go all-in and spring for the *right* pan.    That pan is the one you see below from Lloyd's Pans - a 12" Deep Dish Stacking Pan.   Here's how it came in the box:

A close look at the label shows the specs and mentions the PSTK coating that Lloyd's puts on their pans.

One thing to mention, I ended up buying this pan via Lloyd's storefront on Amazon - and not direct - so perhaps that's why this one was wrapped and barcoded the way it was?  Amazon listing here (Note:  this is NOT an affiliate link) for $28.89.  

Back on the Lloyd's Pans product listing page, here's how they bill these pans.  Note, the 1.2" clearance.

I can certainly see the appeal in the stacking nature of these pans - especially when you are making 4 pizzas with each batch of dough.  Back three years ago (January 2018), I lamented here on the blog about how I was struggling to manage my cutter pans during transportation.  With these stacking pans and their 1.2" clearance, I can see how four of these would be easy to move.  All that I would need would be to add one of these nesting pan lids from Lloyd's Pans that could go on top of the uppermost stacked pan.   But, at almost $30 a piece plus the $10 cost of the lid, I'm looking at a $100 bill to get up to the four pans that I'd want to have on hand.  I suppose I'll have to compare the difference between my existing cutter pans and this stacking pan in today's class and make a call based on performance AND how much I'm getting into bar pizzas. 


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