Sclafani Crushed Tomatoes - Bulk Buy for Pizza Making

 I took the Sclafani Crushed Tomatoes plunge.  Via a 12 pack of these 28 ounce cans from Amazon.  They don't seem to be available locally and the price on Amazon comes out to $2.32 per can, so I figured I'd give them a try.  I can get the Kroger brand of Crushed Tomatoes for $1.49, so there's certainly a premium, but these are (by all accounts) a good, quality item.  When they arrived, I opend up the case and saw those adorable cans.

In the post from a couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that online pizza OG Adam Kuban was who recommended these via the instructions that SlowRise sent out related to Adam's Bar Pizza online class.  

I've long been a user of 6-in-1 tomatoes, which are billed as "ground tomatoes", but unfortunately, our local Mariano's (Kroger) stopped carrying them in 28 ounce cans.  They, occasionally get the gigantic, food-service-size cans, but I'm not equipped to deal with that volume of crushed tomatoes.  The guys over at Zeppe's Italian Market in Naperville told me - the last time I was there around Christmas - that they were in the same spot.  Only the food service cans.  

So, that's forced me to turn to the store brand at Mariano's.  I tried Cento, Marconi, Hunt's, Del Fratelli, Red Gold and TuttoRusso and I didn't fall in love.  So, I went back to the very serviceable Kroger house brand.  It is the one with the blue/teal label.  See here

In terms of pizza-making history on the blog, I've covered various tomato products over the years.  Back ten years ago (wow...), I posted something about how the crew at Serious Eats did a test and found Trader Joe's to be the best (at the time).  Something kinda "small world" here, is that the very post I referenced on Serious Eats was written by the very same Adam Kuban who recommended these Sclafani's and who's class I'm signed up for on Saturday.  

I also posted about these Pagliacci crushed (nice clown), these Nina ones from Costco, some random Flora ones from Costco, and the (somewhat) famous Lou Malnati's tomatoes a couple of times

I'm filing this under:  [Pizza Making], [Pizza Gear] and [Crushed Tomatoes] and...[Adam Kuban], among others.  


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