Elephant Ears (Esculenta) Planted in Containers - April 2021

I've planted Elephant Ear bulbs in some of our patio containers over the years including in 2018 and 2019 with middling success.  I've been drawn to them for their large leaves and tropical feel - as well as their seemingly limited maintenance needs.  A little water and they figure it out on their own.

So, when Nat brought home some hostas and purple astilbes from Costco in March, she also grabbed this bag of nine Esculenta Elephant Ear bulbs.  

As I've found in the past, not all of the bulbs in the bag are viable.  I always find a few that have rotted out.  This year was not different.  But, I still ended up having more Elephant Ear bulbs that I really needed.  

I started by planting one in the wooden patio planter box.  Here it is in the corner:

And, I have a couple of wine barrel planters that are scattered in the landscape that I stuck a viable bulb and some of the rotten ones in.  Who knows, right?  Maybe they'll make it?  Here's one of them in the wine barrel planter:

And, I went WAY out of my comfort zone and tried something totally new:  planted an Elephant Ear directly in the ground - in the rhododendron bed right next to the stoop.  I tucked it into the corner.

This is the VERY FIRST THING that I worked into the ground this season.  And, it felt good.  I'm ready to get going with other plantings.  But, I have to remind myself of the proper 'order of operations'.  Can't get ahead of myself - need to lay out the beds first.  


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