Home Depot Matches Menards 11% Rebate

I've made no secret my preference for Menards when it comes to home improvement stores over the years here on the blog.  One of the reasons that I shop there is that they (now) run their 11% rebate offer at least once per month.  A few years back, that 11% rebate was a quarterly offering, but now it seems that occurs pretty regularly. 

And that's good news.   Why? 

Because I found out that Home Depot matches the Menards 11% rebate.  Yeah...Home Depot will match it if you buy something during the week(s) that Menards is running their 11% rebate program. 

I was talking to a guy who was buying bags of mulch from Home Depot when he mentioned that it was a great deal AND he was going to get the 11% rebate.  I didn't say anything because I thought he was confused.  But, I went home and searched for [Home Depot 11% Rebate].  And sure enough, this comes up:

I went off to the site and filled in my receipt details and sure enough...I qualified. 

A few weeks later, this gift card arrived in the mail.  You can see the letter at the top of this post. Just $3.13, but that's like free money, right?  I suppose that Menards often times has lower prices on things, so maybe this gets the Home Depot prices in line?  Either way, it is something you should try.

I also found this discussion on the r/homeimprovement subreddit where people were discussing the location - and if you need to be within the Menards store footprint.   This map shows where they are located, so check it.  Your results may vary. 


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