Clearing the Slate: Dumping Links on You Guys

I'm either too cramped for time, or too lazy or both to write a full post, so instead, I have a bunch of stuff rattling around my brain and I'm dumping it here so I can move on to more important things like whether I'm going to get a meatball sandwich or the Italian Beef at Venice Cafe for lunch today.

  • I hate it when people on the train wear a ton of purfume/cologne. I also hate it when people smell. Sure, we all have our off days, but my goal in life scent-wise is to leave no footprint - have no smell. Shouldn't that be everyone's?

  • The best sports blog out there is Deadspin. Hands down. One of the best parts of the blog are the comments. My co-worker Matt and I were just chatting about them this morning. The best description I've ever read about the community there was written on CopyRanter: "If you have time, read the comments; his readers are both batshit insane and very entertaining. "

  • I wonder if there's a Beer-O-the-Month-Club that will send me all 25 of these beers? I've had a few of them, but I think it's a lofty goal to get all 25 down. I think you'd need like 4 of each or something, right? You'd want to share this experience with folks.

  • I've been working with the guys from AgencyNet to get the Howard TV feed fired up. I love that my job allows, ney, enourages that I pitch folks like this. Baba Booey, Baba Booey!

  • I'm kinda surprised that the 2 players for the "Good Guys" who decided or volunteered to wear Jackie Robinson's #42 jersey this weekend were Jim Thome and Alex Cintron. Seems like there would have been other guys to make that move, doesn't it?

  • The cicadas are coming, the cicadas are coming! My folks live on a very wooded lot. I remember the last time they showed up. Crazy, crazy stuff. The whole backside of our house was covered in their shells (or whatever you call it. exoskeleton?!?). I bet Maisy will have a field day and fill up her belly with these babies!
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