100 Years of Homecoming at the University of Illinois

Did you know that the idea of Homecoming started in Champaign at the University of Illinois?

This weekend marks the 100th anniversary of the first collegiate Homecoming....anywhere!   Pretty neat.
Nat and I are hoping to go tomorrow, but if it rains like it is planned, we might scrap our plans.  Nothing sounds nicer than sitting in Memorial Stadium watching my Illini followed by a romp around campus, unless said visit is with a 10 month old and it is raining cats and dogs.  Our original plans were to head down next weekend for Varsity "I" weekend - where a bunch of the ex-athletes gather and they let us onto the field for pre-game - but with Halloween being the same day, it is tough to rally a crowd and slip out of town.

Here's hoping for the best tomorrow and no rain!  Doesn't look promising.


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