Am I a Whale in the "New" Las Vegas?

Either they had the wrong room, or the standards for "Whales" have dropped with the huge downtown that Las Vegas has suffered.  From the sounds of this story that ran over the weekend, things are NOT looking up for the town and the tourism industry.   This "gift" showed up on the second day of my stay, so I'm guessing they are inferring *something* about me.  It isn't like I am a big traveler and have big-time status or am a big travel account (I'm right in the middle of things like AAdvantage and Marriott Rewards - not "Platinum" or whatnot, but rather in the lower tiered "Gold" or the like).

I also didn't spend a dime at the gambling tables, so this isn't like "house money".
Granted this isn't comp'd tickets to a show or even a free meal in a restaurant, so it isn't that big of a deal.  In fact, it is mostly just junk food.  Maybe EVERYONE gets these things these days?


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