Charlie's in Elmhurst - A New Sports Bar

It appears that there is a new place either just opened or on the verge of opening in Downtown Elmhurst called "Charlie's".  It is the former McNally's location - an Irish bar with a HUGE beer garden/patio.  From the looks of their website, Charlie's is owned by the same folks who run Rizzo's in Downtown Naperville. They appear to be able to run a successful hotspot in a suburban downtown, so that sounds promising for this location in Elmhurst.  It is across the tracks (on the south side of the tracks), but has a great location right on York Street.  They already have their Yelp listing up off the ground, so from the sounds of the only review on there, they might be open ( least had a pre-opening night?).
Nat was walking by early this morning and she noted that just a few doors north in the old LaLaLand location was a sign for a new placed called "Pints" - which to me sounds like another tavern.   Should be nice to get the south side of Downtown moving with these two new nightlife locations.  I'm a bit fearful of this place, though.  Based on some of the "featured events" on their website, they're going to try to make this place a "scene".  Fingers crossed that "DJ Mixin Mark" and "DJ Whizz Kid" are just some intro nights and they'll let us eat our food and watch sports in peace!


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