Higbee's - A Seasonal Trend Across America

Yesterday's post with my photo of Higbee's in Downtown Cleveland had me thinking about how generations of folks watch that movie (like I did) and probably wonder what Higbee's looks like today.  Most people aren't going to hop on a plane/in a car and go see the old Higbee's store, but what they will do is hop on their friendly search engine and have a look-see at what the web has to say about Ralphie's favorite department store.

The "A Christmas Story" movie is a favorite of families all over the country and continues to hold up over time.  Right after Thanksgiving, it seems that plenty of folks are watching the movie then searching for info on Higbee's.  Here's a chart that shows that seasonality.  Look at what happens each year near Christmas.  There's a HUGE surge of folks looking for Higbee's on the web.

Imagine if you were Dillard's (who owned Higbee's), wouldn't this search behavior make you want to create a seasonal brand around Higbee's?  Can't you imagine the Higbee's gear for those die-hard "Christmas Story" fans?  After all, there is a museum and more already, so the fan-base appears rabid.


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