My Dad: The Police Officer

Back in the late 1970's and early 1980's, my father was a part-time police officer in my hometown of Frankfort.  He might have been called an auxiliary officer or something like that, but never-the-less he *was* still a copper.   That's him standing up in the light shirt farthest to the right with the mustache.   He looks great!
In the back row, third from the left is my Uncle Ed.  He's my Godfather and meant a lot to me and my family.  This photo was shared with me by his daughter.

It is kind of funny to think about my dad as a police officer.  Clearly, Uncle Ed had an impact on him to get him to join the force.  Frankfort is still a pretty small town (15,000ish people), but back in the late 1970's it was REALLY sleepy.  My dad grew up on the south side, so I'm thinking that after relocating from Hickory Hills to Frankfort in the 70's, he was looking for a bit of excitement.    He told me once that he had to pull his gun and (I think?) fired it.  Must have been like the Wild West!

I don't know nor remember much about his police days, but I do remember him coming home for late suppers in his uniform when I was little.  It was usually mostaccioli, red gravy and neck bones.  

He's probably in his late 30's in that photo.  What an amazing life he's lived and it sure is fun to be able to look at photos like this and think about what my dad was doing/thinking when he was the same age I am coming up on.  Wonder if the Babe will be thinking that her Dad was as nuts as mine?  I sure hope so.  


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