Her First Advent Calendar - 2011

With the Babe getting up to 2 years old soon, this is going to be her 3rd Christmas.  But, this is the first time she has the interest/patience/dexterity to have an advent calendar.  This one (above) is one from Trader Joe's and has little chocolates in it.  Nat would hate it if I didn't tell you guys that we actually have a really nice permanent Advent Calendar (from some place like the Pottery Barn or the link), but we're focusing this morning on this one - because it can't be broken.

This morning, the Babe opened up the first door and the proceeded to say "more".  She doesn't quite get that it is one door per day.  Give it a few days and I bet she picks it up quickly and starts to remind us if we didn't give her the chance to open the door in the morning.  Chocolate is powerful stuff.


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