Backyard Fountain: Purchased. And Returned.

This beautiful 51" two-tiered fountain is on sale at Menards this week.  I saw it and on impulse stuck it in the back of our car and brought it home.  I've wanted a fountain for a few years and I thought that I finally was going to be able to get one up and running.  Actually...I've wanted a pond in our yard, but Nat thinks - with the toddler - that's a tad too dangerous for us at this point in our lives.  So, the fountain was a compromise.  We live just 8 houses away from North Avenue and are in the flight pattern for O'Hare Airport.  The noise isn't terrible, but the gentle waterfall noise that this fountain produces was sure to drown out whatever noise pollution we had.

But, things weren't meant to be.  In fact, this fountain didn't even make it out of the trunk.  I brought it back.  For reason(s) I won't disclose!  I'll just bide my time for when I can get Nat herself to Menards so we can 'buy one together'.  I better hurry, because this one goes off sale on April 8th!


  1. The evidence is growing that you have a Menards problem.

  2. no doubt about it. Menards addict. Way better than Home Depot, right?


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