Apricot Dream Tomato - 11.5 on Brix Scale

Lots of tomato talk around these parts lately, eh?  'Tis the season, I guess.  This is the last of the tomato posts for a bit (until I get them into the ground), but is an important one.  Above is the Apricot Dream Tomato - a orangish cherry tomato.

The most important thing about these is buried in the description on the back:
The ridiculously huge trusses each have 20-30 oblong cherry sized tomatoes that are super sweet with a Brix rating of 11.5 giving them a candy like sweetness.  
Emphasis, mine.

I think there are a few missing hyphens in that line, but that's not the point.  The fact that these are an 11.5 on the Brix scale *is* the point.

If you follow tomatoes, you'll know that 11.5 is a rare score.  This post talks about the ranges for tomatoes (usually you eat ones that are 6-10's).  The girls eat cherry tomatoes off the vines each summer and I am guessing if this variety comes in, I'll know their favorite ones:  these sweet Apricot Dreams.


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