'Cue For A Cause BBQ Competition - Elmhurst Walk-In Ministry

Spotted this flyer in a City Centre business window recently for a BBQ competition on Sunday, September 6th.  The host is the Elmhurst Walk-In Ministry - which I have no idea where/what they are, but the fact that they're having a meat competition makes me interested.   And...frankly...this competition is a success by just having people like me head to their site and try to figure out what they're up to.  (Turns out, it sounds like a really great organization doing hard, necessary work!  Good for you guys!)

The competition is set to take place in a spot that they're billing as "the Elmhurst City lot at the corner of York and Vallette", but I think that means it is in the lot behind (east) of those businesses at that intersection in the lot that hosts the Farmer's markets on Wednesdays.

The Elmhurst Walk-In Ministry is hosting a pdf on their website with the full rules and it appears that this is a true competition with judges and a 'clamshell turn-in' like they do on the competitions you see on tv.  There isn't any sort of public consumption it appears.   So, attending this or walking through this, you'll only be able to take in the smells.  As for competiting....I don't do ribs, so this competition isn't for me.  Besides....I wouldn't know where to field a team?!?

Anyway...it sounds like they know what they're doing and should be a fun event.

From the rules:

1. Each team will consist of one head cook and as many assistants as head cook chooses. 
2. No distribution of food to the public (except best sauce competitors) 
3. First aid will not be provided. 
4. Contestants must have a fire extinguisher. Use of gasoline or other auxiliary heat sources will result in immediate disqualification 
5. No soliciting of any kind. 
6. No refunds for any reason. 

7. Teams may arrive at 10:00 am and begin cooking once have received their ribs. 
8. No stakes or hammering into pavement permitted. 
9. Contestants will be required to keep their cooking area clean during and after competition. 
10. 10x10 canopy tents are permitted. 

11. Contestants must provide all equipment. 
12. Water and electricity will not be provided. No generators allowed. 
13. No open pits or holes are permitted. 
14. All charcoal and wood products must be extinguished in assigned ashbins. 
15. All equipment and trash must be removed at the completion of the awards. 
16. Charcoal and wood smokers only (no gas) 
17. Contestants must adhere to all fire and other city, county, state and federal codes. 
18. Two slabs of pork ribs will be provided by ‘Cue for a Cause with distribution beginning at 10am on the 6th. 

19. A 9x9 Styrofoam "clamshell" will be provided to you. 
20. No marking of turn-in box. 
21. Turn-in box must accommodate six judges. 
22. Turn-ins for best ribs is at 5:15pm. THESE TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Teams will be notified prior to the contest. 
23. There is a five-minute window on either side of turn in times. 
24. Garnish is optional.


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