Snowflake Theater - Lemax Christmas Village At Menards

We stopped at Menard's over the weekend and they had their Christmas Village set up that included some newish buildings from Lemax.  This one above - the Snowflake Theater - was on sale.  We didn't buy anything for Mantleburg.  If you look closely at this building, it seems to me that the quality of Lemax buildings has gone down hill a bit this season.  The painting is sloppy and the details are kinda soft.  

There were a few other Lemax Christmas Village buildings that I'll post later that were 'better'.  It really is too bad.  This theater *could* have been really great.  In past years, they've had some mechanical, light-up structures like carousels.  They could have done a really neat light-up, animated marquee on a theater like this.  Missed opportunity, it seems.


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