Italian Soccer Balls In Their Vending Machines

That right there is a foam-ish miniature soccer ball.  And it came out of a vending machine.  In Cortona, Italy.  Yeah...kinda neat.  No gumballs.  No chiclets.  But a soccer ball.

This one is from SSC Napoli - which is a club out of Naples that plays in the top league in Italy, but we tried the machine a few times and got other teams like AC Milan and Roma.

We have a ball-crazy boy in our house these days so this was a perfect fit for us during our visit.

But, it has me wondering if this is a chicken-or-the-egg-thing?  Meaning...are they soccer...errr....sorry football crazy as kids because they love it or is the culture make them football-crazy because it is pushed at them like with these vending machines?

Either way, the Boy was happy!


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