Schlitz Stein - World's Finest Draught Beer - Passed (Once Again!)

Came across this Schlitz stein recently and thought the graphics and slogan "World's Finest Draught Beer" were pretty cool.  It is pretty narrow, so doesn't hold a big volume.   This doesn't carry the tagline of "The Beer that made Milwaukee Famous", so perhaps this was either before/after that in their brand campaign heritage?

Alas, you can add this to the pile of Schlitz 'found' vintage items that I've passed on.  Here's a pitcher.  Here's a set of coozies.

If I would have picked them all up, I'd have quite the Schlitz barware collection.    Now that we have a *plan* for our house situation, maybe I can start to dream about a vintage basement bar.  Thinking...a tiki theme, right?


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