#TBT To That Time I Met Dan Hampton

I spent a few minutes digging through some boxes in my parents' garage in Michigan recently and came across this framed photo that I *think* came from my Dad's office at Governor's State from back in the day.  That's me on the left right next to my Dad and my sisters Vic and Linda are in there, too.  Along with both Aaron and Matt Levy.

And the big guy in the middle in the Cosby Sweater?  That's the Danimal.  Dan Hampton.

I TOTALLY remember this day.  There was a brand new grocery store opening in Frankfort called Apples.  And they were having a sort of raffle of some sort.  I don't totally remember the logistics of the contest, but I *do* remember what you won:  Dan Hampton, of the Chicago Bears, was going to deliver a few bags of groceries to your house!

And, it turned out that a friend of my parents won and we weaseled our way in there to get this photo - and from the looks of something I'm clutching - an autograph or two.

That day had such an impact on me that to this day, I still adore Dan Hampton.  I remember shaking his hand and it was the size of a catcher's mitt.  What a guy!

The year?  Not sure.  I dug around and found this copy of the Frankfort News (wow...that's a blast from the past that the Frankfort Library has kept an archive of, which is really nice!) from March of 1988 and it references Apples as a drop-off location for something, so the store was open by then.  But, not sure when exactly.

Have to think this is post-Super Bowl XX, right?   Why else would we be geeked to meet Hampton?  If the store was open in March of 1998 and it is post Super Bowl, then it has to be Spring 1986 to Spring 1988, right?


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