This Year's Bunny Mold - 2017

This cute little bunny mold arrived in the mail recently.  She's wearing a dress and carrying a basket - as Easter Bunnies are wont to do.   The bunny from 2014 also carried a basket, but he was a bit more formal.

This one is a bit smaller than we've done in the past, but I think with the girls helping me, the size is going to work to our advantage.

Turns out, we didn't make one of the last year.  Instead, we went to Sea Island instead of having Easter around town.  Ahhh...Sea Island.

Back to reality with these molds.  I'll work with the girls to stuff the cavitiy with water putty, then once dry, we'll paint them up, then add a topcoat for shine.  Aiming for four of them to spread the Easter joy around a bit.

Here's the mold we used in 2015.
Here's the mold we used in 2014.
Here's the mold we used in 2013.
Here's the mold we used in 2012.
Here's the mold we used in 2011.


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