Trippy Elephant Ear Leaves - Summer 2018

I've posted a few times about the green-leafed Elephant Ear bulbs that I planted in a few pots on our patio this Summer.  In May, I posted a few photos of the bulbs that we picked up to try.

Then, in July, I posted a progress photo that showed how the ones in one of our wine barrels had grown pretty significantly and were happy. 

Today, in mid-August you can take in these leaves that are quite striking.  This is a #nofilter photo, so I didn't tweak or play around with the colors or saturation.  This is what you see with your eye, too. 

Up until this point, I was pretty confident that I'd do Elephant Ear bulbs again next Spring in my containers, but seeing them change and have the two-toned green/yellow leaves begin to show up solidifies the decision:  I really like these and will do them again.  I think I'll rethink the containers and placement and likely put them in the middle or "back" of some larger containers to use their scale in a more effective manner. 


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