White Noise and Bird Chirps On My Japanese Toilet

I don't think I've mentioned how the addition of a Toto Toilet to our master bathroom has fundamentally altered my life.  And, that's probably best.  If she is reading this, Nat is seriously cringing right now.  So, I'll just move along.  TMI, Nat?  Sorry!  Briefly...I'll just say this: Yes...I'm proud to be totally #TeamToto.

But, before I move along, I wanted to flag this for all of you:  some of the public area toilets (think....bathrooms that are adjacent to a multi-tenant high-rise office building) have not just the normal front/rear wash and pressure but also the button marked 'privacy'?  And the 'volume' toggle underneath it?  That's basically a white noise function.  White noise, chimes and bird chirps.  For real.

During my time in Tokyo, I didn't come across this very often so I'm not sure if this feature is rare?

The first time I came across Toto's in public was during my time at Google.  Here's a post from all the way back 2011 that shows off the panel that Google had (at the time) in some of their men's rooms.  Notice that there is no 'privacy' feature.

The Toto that we have at home certainly doesn't have this feature (it does include a few features that aren't on this control panel like pulse and oscillate), but when we change or retrofit our powder room, I'm thinking this is something that I'd want to add!


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