Broken Peloton Shoe Buckle And Finding A Replacement

One recent morning, I was getting my shoes on to try to sweat it out a little bit before work and as I tightened up my left shoe, I heard something snap and a little bit of plastic went flying.  I had snapped off the ratcheting buckle on my shoe.  In the photo at the top of this post, you'll see the now-naked Peloton shoe with the broken little ratchet piece.  

Below, you'll see the piece.  This is what came off of the shoe.  Turns out, it is all plastic.  

Below you'll see the piece in profile.  The circular part in the middle is what snapped off - the plastic part wraps around a metal cylinder.

The good news is that how they make these spin bike shoes these days, they're totally replaceable.  In that top photo, you'll notice a screw and if you loosen it up, the buckle just comes off.

**2022 update** - Thanks to a pointer from a commenter, here's an updated link to full replacement kits.  

So, off I went to figure out where I could get a replacement.  Peloton doesn't sell one.  I guess they want to sell more shoes?   But, u/Beemuzzler on the Peloton Subreddit posted that he had the exact scenarioAnd he pointed to this listing for a 0.60" ratchet buckle on  He even posted photos of how he added this replacement buckle to his Peloton shoes.  

**2022 update** M2inc now has a new category page with Peloton buckle replacement kits.  And, I went through and filled a cart with a full 2 buckle + belt kit.  I also tried it with just one buckle and one belt and it appears they've lifted the $20 minimum order.  For the kit (2 of each)....The shipping (for me, to Illinois) was $9.95.  Full screenshot of the shipping options offered (as of January 2022 show below).  So, you're around $32 out the door for a new pair of buckles. 

**/end 2022 update**

Woot, woot.  I had a plan.  Off I went to the site to order myself a buckle replacement.

But, wait a minute.

A $20 minimum.  That means that two of them won't make the order work.  But, I only have two feet, so three doesn't make sense, right?  Had to buy a ladder strap, too. Just $3, but it got me over the $20 minimum.

The buckles (and strap) are on their way.  When they get here, I'll swap one in and (hopefully) post the update (and hopeful success!).  For now, I'll just have to use one moderately tight shoe and not use that as an excuse for not getting sweaty.


  1. Thank you for the post. I just broke my left buckle and ordered a few from this site.

  2. We now offer a "Footwear Replacement Kit" on the m2 website, which offers two buckles and straps for the Peloton and other shoes!:

  3. We now offer a "Footwear Replacement Kit" on the m2 website, which provides two buckles and ladder straps for Peloton and other shoes!

  4. DON’t buy Peloton’s cycling shoes. If the buckle or ladder strap breaks outside of 30 days, they will not stand behind them nor do they have replacement parts or recommend anyone who sells them. Buy other more reliable shoes . I am an avid cyclist, and never had a problem with other brands. When I called them, Peloton actually told me they recommend you replace your shoes every 6 to 12 months. I don’t know a cyclist who does this. Very disappointing.

  5. Mine just broke this morning so thanks for the info. The website has changed and they do a replacement kit that even shows the Peloton shoes.

  6. just buy some real biking shoes , there shoes are junk, and while your at it put some Shimano xtr pedals on there too. now your ready!


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