2021 Yard Priority Area #1 - Behind Big White Oak

Looking back on my 2020 gardening season, one of the things that was a success was determining some of the 'priority areas' in the yard that I wanted to address.  Last year, I picked three areas (Area 1, Area 2, Area 3) and that forced me to be selective in the materials we bought and what I added around the yard.  

In terms of success, I feel like I moved things forward in Area 1 and Area 2 quite a bit.  Area 3, not so much.  That seems like an area to revisit, but before I do that, I'm going to lay down a little marker on a 2021 Priority Area - let's call this one 2021 Area #1:  Behind The South White Oak Tree.  (That's the big dot on the far right of the plan you see below.)

The planting area that is called for in the plan is quite simple.  Just 15 total plants of two varieties:

  • 7 Ostrich Ferns
  • 8 Summer Beauty Ornamental Onions (Alliums)

We have a series of BOTH of those plants already in our yard currently, so adding these will be a natural extension of the plant material we have on hand.  Our ferns have MOSTLY come from volunteers/transplants that came from our previous land and from teardowns around town.  The Onions we planted last year came from Hinsdale Nursery.  We ended up planting 12 of them total, so I'm eager to see how they come back this season - and depending on their performance, this seems like a no-brainer, right? 

We have a ton of snow on the ground right now, otherwise I'd take a photo of this spot to show that there is basically not much in this area.  One thing that the plan does NOT show is a side gate in this area.  That's something we'll have to consider in terms of locations.  

Seems like this is the first 15 of the plants we will be ordering this Spring.


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