Christmas Cactus White Flower Buds - Early December 2021

This Christmas season, we added a new Christmas plant - a Christmas Cactus - to our normal Amaryllis bulb setup that we plant every year.  I mentioned the Christmas Cactus back in late November and posted a photo then that showed tiny buds were already on the plant.  Today - about 10 or so days later, those buds are getting larger and getting ready to unfurl.  See below for current state of Christmas Cactus:

The instructions said that this particular cactus (non-cactus) will bloom more if it is root-bound, so I'll have to remember that and not transplant next Winter (if it makes it that long!).  

I'll try to track the blooming of this one to see if it stays in bloom all the way up through late December and lives up to the "Christmas" in the name.  


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