Turf Type Identification - Is This Poa?

I have some light-green colored (new) patches of grass in our backyard right now.  When I pull up a section of it, this is what it looks like below:  There is A LOT of root-structure at play, isn't there?  Is this a weed - like the dreaded Poa Annua?  Or...could this be Kentucky Blue Grass that I germinated and planted last year?  The color...of the patch (lime-ish green) has me worried that it is Poa.

Any grass experts out there that can confirm what I'm dealing with here?  And, what I should do?

Is this Poa Annua?

One thought I had was to try an application of Tenacity?  It doesn't harm KBG and turf-type Tall Fescue.  So, it if does *anything* on this grass, that tells me it is Poa? 


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