Google 'Good To Know' Ads

If you opened up that copy of the Chicago Tribune that landed on your driveway this morning you likely saw the big ad from the good folks at Google touting the new program called:  Good to Know.  Here's how it looks in print:
You'll be seeing similar ads in the paper AND around town for the next few weeks that include tips that are consistent with Google's commitment to keep users safe online.   Keep an eye out for the ads at your bus stop and other outdoor places.

Think of it as an education program for everyone on why things happen on the internet and what to watch out for in terms of bad guys.

I'm proud of Google for going rolling this out.  Good for users.  Good for Google.

*disclaimer:  You guys know that I work at Google, right?  I didn't work on this campaign, though.


  1. It's so reassuring to know that Google knows EXACTLY where I am whenever I do a search.

  2. isn't *just* Google. Your phone provider knows where you are. So does your credit card company when you make a purchase.

    At least Google is trying to educate folks on what the perils might be.


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