2024 Project Inspiration - Adding Personality Via Garden and Compost Bin Signs - December 2023

Yesterday, I posted a look at my first ever (small) Wattle Fence that I put up in my new (as of this Fall) stumpery garden in the back.  In that post, I talked about the idea of "Garden Vignettes" and how they draw the visitor in towards certain spots in the garden and allow the gardener to show a bit of their personality.    The stumpery allows for a little personality.  The Wattle Fence, too.  

So do berms and boulders.  

In this recent post about using boulders in the garden, I said this: "One of the things that I'm putting on my 2024 to-do list is to add a little 'personality' to my garden with objects. Boulders fit that category, so I'm getting a little bit of a headstart this Fall/Winter."

What other ways can you see a little personality in the garden?  With signs.  Earlier this Fall, I saw this 
post on Insta from Erin the Impatient Garder that shows a few Garden Vignettes from Northview Garden.  This is a screenshot of the post below - because the weed bin is the fifth photo is a galllery, the full source is found here

Source via Instagram

I've had that photo bookmarked for a few months and I was recently struck by how I can use it in my garden.  A "Weed Bin" would sure be nice.  But, I think I can use a sign in a different spot:  my compost bins.  With the addition of the 3rd compost bin (along with our tumbler), we now have a 3-bin system that is (supposed-to-be) used by adding material to one bin, while the other one (or two) 'cook'.  

But, our kitchen waste is often bought out by the kids who just dump it on top of any of the bins.  That means that fresh kitchen waste can be found on TOP of the bin that is supposed to be closest to finished compost.  This post from just a few weeks back shows our bins.  But, a closer look at them reveals what I'm talking about:  Kitchen waste added to wrong bin. From that post - this annotated photo shows egg shells near the top:  

I can't blame the kids - there's no reason they should know which bin to put the kitchen waste in, right?  

What I envision is a sign that I can hang on the bin that I want everyone to add the fresh material to and which bins to avoid.  A look around the Web reveals some inspiration - like these bins below:  one reads: Cooking.  The other:  Add to This. 

This is not my photo.  I think it is from Pinterest.

That's clear.  But, could it show more personality?  I think so.  What I'm thinking is something along the lines of "Feed Me".  This Etsy design is adorable.   And, if I find the right portrait-oriented piece of wood, something I can copy.    I like the 'Feed Me' inside the mouth - see below.  If I find a longer piece of wood, I can use the same "Feed Me" copy, too.

Source via Etsy shop

I'll put this - garden signs or signs on my compost bins to guide usage - as part of my 2024 to-do list:  via Garden Personality.  


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