I Get Pitches: Eldercare and Senior Living Audience

I've been publishing here on "Why I Oughta" for more than fifteen years.  And over that time, I've used the blog to reconnect with some childhood/grade school friends, had some of my photos licensed in various ways and have had dozens of journalists, agency folks and some website owners pitch me stories and content opportunities.  

I have a 'contact' page that has a form on it that people can fill out and drop me a line.  

Some of them are interesting (gardening stuff) while others are total SEO-honeypot plays.  Like...'can I publish an article about topic X' for your readers.  

If you haven't figured out by now, this is *my* place online and I don't do guest authors/submissions.  And, I don't run any ads or affiliate links or monetize the blog in any way.  

But, that hasn't stopped the pitches from coming.  And, somehow, I've ended up on a LIST that people who are shilling eldercare/senior living topics want to pitch about placing their stories.  I must be listed as a "Boomer Blogger", right?

And it seems that the pace of these eldercare pitches is accelerating.  I thought it was best to do something about it. 

Here's a few of the pitches that have come in over the past few months.  

Let me VERY clear.

While, I *do* go to bed before 8:30 am every night and get up at 4 am and like to post about gardening online, I'm....NOT a dude focused on senior care.   Despite what it may seem.

Oh, but if you want me to skip a meeting?  Follow George's advice:


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