View from the Road - Rainbow On The Way Home

This is the *next* in the series of posts showing the view out my airplane window on a trip back home after a week of work meetings.   The last time was this sunset on the way home from Newark.  Before that was seeing the Aurora Borealis over Alaska.   

This time, I saw this rainbow somewhere between Tennessee and O'hare on my regional airplane that wasn't the SpaceJet1.  I was sitting in the row of 1 seat on the port side (do they call it port/starboard on airplanes??) of the aircraft - which felt like a nice little perk after being exhausted from the week of work.

1. [For disclosure - and for those who don't know - I work at Edelman Public Relations Worldwide. I work/workeded on the launch on the Mitsubishi Spacejet Family at the Paris Air Show this year. They are a client of Edelman's.]


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