4 More Years

Today at polling places all across the Village of Frankfort, residents went to the polls and voted. I'm lucky enough that they placed their confidence in me by re-electing me to another 4 year term on the Village Board! Granted, I was running uncontested, I still was nervous all morning. Turnout was low, and I expected that, with not many contested races in Frankfort. When I voted at 8 am this morning, I was only the 7th voter in my precinct!

I'm incredibly grateful for the support that both you guys (my friends) and the voters in Frankfort. I'm humbled by the confidence that you all have placed in me. I'm pleased with all that we've accomplished so far, but there's much more to be accomplished: downtown wi-fi, widening of Route 30, banning of all new banks, and dragging the Village of Frankfort into the 21st Century technology-wise.

While I was unopposed this election, that's largely due to you. I've been successful in fundraising and for that I have you to thank. I've been able to work hard and put together a political operation and execute on our plan these past 2 years because of your help. Don't think that our work is done, though. We'll be back out there raising money this summer and trust me, I'll be counting on your support.

I'm looking forward to getting back to work on my issues. I'll continue to blog at JoinJake.com and I'll be sure to make the residents in Frankfort the most well-informed constituents in the State of Illinois, even if some don't like the freedom of info that I present.

All the elections won't be as easy as this one, and I know that, but this one is sweet just the same.

Say it with me:

"4 More Years!"
"4 More Years!"
"4 More Years!"


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