The Shins and their Brian Wilson Influences…

Unfortunately, I rarely get to sit down and listen to an entire record all the way through these days. I have an expansive collection, but it's largely gathering dust because I just simply don't have the time. For my birthday, my buddy Matt gave me some iTunes bucks and I went trolling for some new tunes. I settled on The Shins new record: Wincing the Night Away.

I only got about halfway through when something struck me: these guys have been listening to their Brian Wilson records, haven't they? I've since gone back and listened to the record a dozen or so times and that initial notion sticks for me. I'm by no means, a Shins Superfan, rather a casual listener, but to my ear, they've been heavily influenced by the Beach Boys and their once front man Brian Wilson- whether The Shins know it or not. As far as influences go, the Beach Boys are tops in my book, so it's not anything to be bashful about.

I've put up a few videos here below. Go ahead. Play them and tell me what you think? Sounds like a connection, doesn't it?

First, The Shins new single: Phanton Limb.

And, here's Brian Wilson's Heroes and Villains:

I'm not the only one who thinks there's a connection....


  1. Not really into the Shins anymore...I actually loath their new album. It sounds like a commercial 'sound''s almost like they sold their souls to the devils after the Braff Attack in 2004 made them mainstream. It went from an insightful indie band to something that pops up next to my espresso at Starbucks. . . gosh!

  2. You certainly can dislike the new album, but you can't really blame the band so much for going mainstream. With the Internet, very good 'Indie' bands get found and spread like wildfire. Actually, independent music went out the door when they coined the term 'Indie Rock'. It is now a commercial term. WHOA....I'm going to put the pipe down.


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