A Vegas Virgin, I am…

I'm heading to Las Vegas for the first time this Thursday for my good buddy Mark Dauphinais' bachelor party. We're set to be there through early Sunday morning and I'm sure that things will be debaucherous. As luck would have it, one of my favorite blogs, Dethroner, announced that his "theme" this week is Bachelor Parties. Some great posts already and I'm looking forward to even more this week. I've alerted my crew that's going to be trouncing around with me about the Theme, and I bet we'll get some pointers/tips that we can utilize this weekend.

las_vegas.jpgThe party itself is actually an event that is being put on for 2 bachelors. Mark and one of his college buddies. Because of that, there appears to be in excess of 20 dudes heading out there. From the tone of some of the emails, most of the guys that I don't know (Mark's college buddies) are going to really turn one out. As a first timer in Las Vegas, I'll have to strike a nice balance between excess and rest. I hate to admit this, but I've never sat down at a Blackjack table in my life. I've been to a few riverboat casinos, but I have a feeling that the experience isn't quite the same.

I wanted to set a nice budget for myself for the weekend, but Uncle Sam and the IRS are putting a crimp in my plans. I'll have to figure something out. Matt Pawlak tells me that a good time can be spent at the Sportsbooks, and with a full complement of games on the schedule, we should be all set. Some of the weekend has been programmed for us by the Bachelor's and Best Men, but there's plenty of time to figure out what exactly we want to do. The bad news for us is that the Beatles Show at the Mirage is dark for the entire weekend. I'm pretty disappointed in that, but I know that with Neil, Mark, Rob, Matt and Balone along for the ride, we'll have a terrific time.

All of this discussion about bachelor parties has made me think about my own. I've had preliminary discussions with my Best Man Matt Pawlak about the where's (Coloma, Michigan), the when's (summer), and the how's (Can you say "pontoon boat"?), but I'm sure that I'll get some resistance from some camps about the lack of excitement when it comes to heading up to Michigan for the weekend. I think that it's much more my "pace" and a heckuva way to send me off to married life.


  1. Go see Penn & Teller at The Rio!!!!!!

    Also, if you want some great decently priced Mexican food (who doesn't), there's a great place at The Saraha.

  2. My first trip, I brought $100 to the blackjack tables and was there for 5 hours (even walked away up $50). It was a great time. Of course, I'd recommend having someone there who can help you learn how/when to bet - but overall you can do pretty well without having to bring tons of dough.


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