When The Devil Came, He Was Not Red, He was Gooey and Sweet

gorilla_bread.jpgI believe that I may have had the best food item that I have ever tasted yesterday at my sister Vic's house. Most of my family headed over there for Easter brunch-ish. (10 am to noon) There were the usual suspects on the menu: bagels, quiche, ham, etc. Natalie and I brought a banana cream pie, courtesy of my "Two-Time Pie Eating Champion" winnings. I made my way through the spread without much delight. While, as most people know, I really enjoy a good spread, I'm not really into breakfast foods. Vic tipped me onto the Gorilla Bread, and I'm thrilled she did. While not the least bit healthy, (the recipe doesn't mention that Vic uses Martha's cream cheese frosting recipe to top this whole thing off!) it may be the best thing I've ever tasted - not to mention it's President Jimmy Carter's favorite food.

When discussing my favorite foods, I tend to skew towards the italian beef/pizza area of the food pyramid, but this new Gorilla Bread entrant, might be my new pick. If you haven't tried it, I can't recommend it more. From what I'm told, it's a very simple production and the payoff is big.


  1. Jake, when i saw the picture of that breakfast treat i was immediately reminded of my favorite activity in kindergarten. the making (and eating) of monkey bread. imagine my surprise as i read you entry and saw that you had eaten gorilla bread. is this an improved version of a classic sugar rush breakfast? you know, some sort of genetically engineered super hybrid bread? Or was my teacher just afraid of scaring the children? Either way, i love that stuff. I would eat it breakfast lunch and dinner if my constitution would permit.

  2. I think it's the same stuff. It's a whole lot of goodness. I too, would go to this for 3 meals a day, everyday, if I could.

    I bet the teacher made a tactical decision to modify the name. Or perhaps it was a collequialism in your neck of the woods....

  3. I've been down the "Monkey Bread" road as well, and also found it to be fantastic.


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