Letter From Senator Lauzen Re: SB600 and Doug Ibendahl

lauzenzahm.jpgLast night when I arrived back from work, I had, waiting for me, a letter from State Senator Chris Lauzen. He apparently, is a reader of this blog. Hello, Senator! Thanks for your cordial letter. I appreciate your interest in my blog. In his correspondence, Senator Lauzen takes issue with my position on Senate Bill 600 and this post.

It was nice of him to take time out of his legislative duties to correspond with me and I thank him for that. I won't go blow-by-blog through his letter, but I'll point out a few things.

Senator Lauzen states:
"I was surprised at the intensity of your sarcasm in pointing out how inaccurate your claim Doug Ibendahl's account was regarding the history of this legislation."

Surprised at my sarcasm? I guess you're not a subscriber, eh Senator?!? I hope that you subscribe to my feed via your reader or email. It's over there on the right. You'll get all my posts delivered to you!

Next, he includes roll call votes and analysis from 2005. I don't doubt that things didn't get called in 2005, but I don't like to live in the past. We can't deal with what's in the past. We can only deal with the future. Where's the bill now? It's stuck in a Senate Committee. We can't point fingers at other folks on this one, can we? I don't think so. Was something at play last year? Who knows, but I don't care about the past.

Senator Lauzen then goes on to point out, properly, his history of campaign victories, against some odds. I commend Senator Lauzen for being a traditionally conservative voice for the people he represents, but I will continue to disagree with him on SB600. It's not currently being held up by folks that Doug Ibendahl is pointing fingers at (Tom Cross) and I don't think it will cure the ills that Lauzen and Ibendahl believe the party has.


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