“Lucky Us” - New Bob Dylan

This morning on the drive into the city, Natalie and I were tuned into WXRT (as usual) and we listened to the movie review by the "Regular Guy". This week, he covered the movie Lucky You, which he said had a stellar cast, but was a below average film. They don't have it posted here on the XRT site yet, but it'll get up there eventually, I bet. His review was fun, as usual, but one thing stuck out for me: he said that there's a new Bob Dylan song in the movie.

Turns out Lucky You is directed by Curtis Hanson, the same guy who directed Wonder boys. Hanson must have the "magic touch" because just like he did with the great song Things have Changed, he somehow coaxed Dylan to put out a new track for Lucky You. The new song, Huck's Tune is a great number and a nice addition to the "latest" Dylan work. From what the Regular Guy said this morning, the song only plays over the ending credits in the movie, so I'm sure it's destined for wider distribution at some point.

It's up in some format on YouTube. I've embedded it below. I'm not totally certain the video is connected to Dylan in anyway, but the song comes out strong. Go ahead and hit play and then go about your business reading the rest of your feeds or email. I bet you come back and hit "play again" when it is through.


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