You Can Help: Yellowstone Buffalo Headed to the Slaughterhouse

If you're looking for something to spend a few minutes of your online advocacy time on, this seems to be a pretty good cause. Give them a hand by sending 3 simple emails.
MontanaĆ¢€™s Department of Livestock is planning on trapping and slaughtering 300 wild buffalo Ć¢€“ including calves as young as a few weeks, and their mothers. The agency plans to begin the roundup on Thursday, May 31.

For extra credit, make sure that you tell Governor Schweitzer that he "could" be the Vice Presidential Nominee in 2008, but this won't help him. Seems that the emails have already helped stall this terrible thing. They've put off the vote until next week. With your help, they'll reconsider.


  1. this is ridiculous! Please take the time to do this for these poor animals.

  2. OK, Meatheads (can I call you that?), yesterday, I announced the winners of the win-a-book contest. As you recall, all you had to do to win was name your favorite local burger joint, avoiding chains if possible, in the comments......


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