If I knew it was gonna be that kinda party…

I kinda-sorta made the Sun-Times today via Richard Roeper's column. In it, he takes on the Amy Jacobson story and points to some headlines in the blogosphere:
I loved all the talk about whether or not it was "newsworthy" for WBBM-Channel 2 to show that videotape of Amy Jacobson, formerly of WMAQ-Channel 5, hanging at Craig Stebic's house.

Let's see. A well-known and well-respected reporter who has been covering a high-profile case involving a missing woman and her estranged husband is seen on her day off at the couple's home while the husband is there. She seems comfortable and relaxed as she works the cell phone and watches the kids.

Uh, yeah. That's news. That's why the Sun-Times and Tribune had major media columns about the issue on Tuesday. That's why it was Topic No. 1 on the local talk radio dial. That's why it was a story on news stations across the country.

Among the headlines from blog-land:

"Pool Party!"

"The Worst Career Move Ever"

"Reporter hard at work in a bikini"

A quick peek through the Google Blogsearch results show that my post from yesterday is the only one up with the title of "Pool Party!". Sweet! Nothing like backing your way into the mainstream media.


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