It’s Time: Getting Back on Track

Some of the folks who are reading this blog may be startled to find out that I was once an exercise fiend. Yup. I was in a daily routine that included plenty of exercise and a healthy consumption of food. Somewhere in the midst of training for my 3rd marathon, I had a severe flameup of some back issues and that's where I fell off the wagon. Aside from the occassional jog and a 5K here or there, I've followed the doctors order's pretty strictly. When I asked him what I should be doing, he said, "Stop running". So I did.

And guess what? My fitness level dropped like a stone. The "el-bees" piled on. I lost my focus. There's plenty of attention on how brides need to/want to/should attempt to get into shape for their weddings, but there isn't a general guide for grooms. We want to look our best, don't we? I think that, knowing Natalie, we'll have those pictures up in our house for a long, long time, so it's in my best interest to drop the weight. I have a goal in mind, and I'd like to get there this year. I'm going to take a long-term approach to it, so you won't see me rocking Adkins or anything crazy, but make sure to keep me honest.

Shame is a powerful tool and that's why I'm going to use it against myself. I'll get this widget up on the right sidebar shortly, but for now, you should be able to see what's doin' with me and my own personal fitness challenge via this post.


It's kinda funny. For my wedding, I'd like to get back down to my "dating weight". So far this week, I'm 3-for-3. That's 3 days with 3 workouts. If I keep it up, and Google keeps serving some moderately healthy options for lunch, I'll be all set. Wish me Luck.


  1. Good luck, Jake. I'm on the hamster wheel, too. Joined this 24-hour gym and I've been at it for a month. So far I've gained four pounds. How does this work again?

  2. Jake...I've had some success after reading "Body for Life" by Bill Phillips. I had heard about many professional athletes following his advice and I think it all makes sense. And it's been relatively easy (as far as exercise/eating patterns go). I've never had any weight-loss/tone up success until now. It's not a huge difference, but the most significant I've seen since before having my kids. I also signed up for as many boot camp-type exercise sessions as I can around town. You can't beat the calorie burning in a boot camp. It's push ups, sit ups, running hills, pull ups, burpees...old school stuff that makes the pounds melt off. It puts running to shame when it comes to weight loss. (You can look at the book at my house if you're interested.)


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