Pool Party!

annanamy.jpgThe tragic story of the disappearance/killing of Plainfield resident Lisa Stebic took a bizarre twist yesterday. Her husband, who by all accounts is the chief suspect, apparently had some company in the form on NBC5 Reporter Amy Jacobson. That's her on the right with one of my other favorites from NBC 5, Anna Devlantes. (I sound like Steve Dahl with my "top 5 newsbabes", don't I? ) Apparently, "the Jake", as we like to call her, dropped by the Stebic's house in her bikini for a pool party with the accused husband, and brought along her kids.
Amy Jacobson, a reporter for WMAQ-Channel 5, is in hot water with her bosses for going swimming on her day off with the estranged husband of a missing Plainfield woman.

Dressed in a two-piece swimsuit, Jacobson brought her two young sons, ages 3 and 2, with her Friday when she swam in the backyard pool of Craig Stebic.

Lisa Stebic vanished from the southwest suburban home April 30. She and her husband, parents of two children, were in the midst of a divorce.

So..of course Amy will claim that she was trying to get the story out of him, and it does kind of make sense. A hot, blond reporter, arrives in a bikini, and viola! the guy spills the beans. It's quite a nice move on her part, I guess.

"The Jake's" attorneys have been swarming all over the place ensuring that that tape won't be broadcast, but I have to plead with them. We MUST see that tape. If it was a one-piece, I would understand. But clearly, from the looks of "the Jake", she doesn't have much to hide.


  1. I feel my fellow hawkeye is a victim in this. Parillo how about an online petition to NBC to "Bring Back the Jake"? I do not want to see her slumming on a Fox affiliate in Fort Wayne Indiana. She deserves so much better.

  2. This is sad. She was talented. So very, very hot and talented.


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