Wedding Details on the Blog…

Natalie's been very "in to" our wedding planning lately and it's becoming a little contagious. She's been writing blog posts over on the wedding blog and just this week, she unveiled what I will call her wedding "touchstone". She calls it her "inspiration board". It's basically a bunch of reference points. She's done a great job of pulling together the details (which are more and more everyday). She's even gone so far as to participate in the wedding blogosphere. One way or another, Nat had her inspiration board featured on one of the more popular wedding blogs called Style Me Pretty. Natalie was really happy with seeing her work over there and reading all the comments about her style. I'm really proud of her. We didn't have a ton of traffic, but a pretty steady stream of regular visitors (friends and family) and quite a bit of search traffic (brides to be, I'm guessing based on their search terms).

The past few days, because of a link from Style Me Pretty, the site has been visited by 5X or 6X the number of normal readers. And our feed subscribers jumped about 50%, too. Good work, Nat. I'm really proud of you. I'm getting excited about all details that are coming together. September 6, 2008 will be here soon enough.



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