New, Old Widgets Broken

I'm supporting Rudy Giuliani for President in 2008. I like who he's picked to head his campaign in Illinois: Tom Cross and I like what he brings to the discussion. I also think he can actually win in November and not make this election a referendum on Iraq. Over the long holiday weekend, the campaign launched a new website. Go check it out here. It looks nice, doesn't it? All shiny and patriotic, right? There's a few things wrong. First of all, there are zero feeds on the site. I can't subscribe to his news, blog, press releases, video. Nothing. Shame. I know I'm not the only one who would subscribe to the blog. (if it were actually a blog...)

They've made, what I consider a larger error, however. The campaign had offered some nice badges on the site as a way to embed some javascript and demonstrate your support for Rudy. I had one of them on this very blog over on the right. See where it just says: That used to be a nice image that said "I'm with Rudy". Because of the campaign making changes, they've left me, and presumably thousands of others holding the bag. Why cripple your old badges? Why not just let them continue to function. What's worse? There's folks like Henry who embedded a news widget that's now blank. You can't do that to folks. I trusted the campaign enough to embed something on my site. They need to deliver.

Hopefully, the campaign is listening. I'm not going to change the script on my site. Hopefully...they'll get their act together and get the old badges, widgets, and images working again.


  1. This is why I like Barack: his "Widgets for All Americans" (WAA) platform really is forward-thinking.


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