Great Condo in Frankfort, Illinois (at a Really Great Price, too!)

It has come to this. With all the changes that have happened over the course of the past year (new job, new school, leaving public office) and the biggest one coming up later this summer (marriage), there is one more thing that I'm looking to change: my location.

I've lived in the most incredible condo in Frankfort, Illinois for the past (almost) four years. I bought it pre-construction and was lucky enough to pick out all of the finishes. The time has come to move on and I'm parting ways with my home. It was my first, but won't be my last. We've priced it incredibly (considerably below what others have sold for!) and this place is really looking for someone to love it as much as I did. There are NO better condo's in all of the southwest suburbs. I can guarantee that! (Seriously!)

The details can be found here on the realtor's site. For a condo, it really has an incredible kitchen and is a great place to host a party. It's walkable to downtown Frankfort (2 blocks) where you can drink German beer at the Hoffbrau House, hang at the Village Green, and eat italian at Francesca's. If you know anyone looking in the southwest suburbs for a maintenance-free life, make sure they check this place out. We want to sell it to you!


  1. I can vouch for the awesomeness of both the condo and the Hoffbrau haus up the street.

  2. cheerleader steep reassembling innumerable persisted ...


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