Just 11 days away until I'm a married man. With the longest engagement on record (21 months!) winding down, I thought it'd be appropriate for me to share with you all ( there anyone still there?) one of my favorite parts of this whole wedding planning business. Sure...we had all the showers, thank you cards, chicken dinner tastings, table cloth selections, ring shopping trips, and discussions of the various shades of pinks (It's not my color!). That was all good and important stuff. However, the part of this whole experience that Natalie let me run wild with and really leave my mark on was the rehearsal dinner. It's coming up in a bit over a week, and while I'm excited about the wedding, I'm really looking forward to the rehearsal dinner. From the location (Southport Lanes!) to the menu (Italian Beef Sandwiches!) to the invite list (skewed toward my friends/family!), Natalie gave me a lot of room to run.

The most interesting/challenging part was the invitations. We had really cool, but girly, wedding invitations (as they should be, right?) With 2008 being an election year, my political instincts kicked in for these invites. Last week, we mailed them to our friends and family. I'm really pleased with how they turned out. Guess who's not at the top of the ticket!

Rehearsal Dinner Invite (side 1)
(here's a bigger version)

After the wedding, we're off on a 3 week honeymoon, then we'll hopefully be settled into our new/old house. Keep your fingers crossed for us!
Rehearsal Dinner Invite (side 2)
(here's a bigger version)

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